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Bond Announces School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management

Bond University has announced a new School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management, that, in partnership with Marriott International, will offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs from January 2009.
Unique to Bond University’s School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management is its industry partnership with globally recognised hotel and resort operator, Marriott International. This partnership with one of the industry giants allows students to undertake their work experience or internships with one of the Marriott hotels, in Australia or around the world.

Head of the School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management, Professor Elizabeth Roberts, says the new programs have been developed in response to critical shortages for qualified management professionals in the hotel and tourism industry both in Australia, and internationally.  “Hospitality and tourism is now the world’s largest industry, employing one in every nine people world-wide and generating around four trillion dollars annually,” she said. “Business at this scale requires managers with highly advanced analytical and management skills, and the demand for these professionals is currently far exceeding the supply of qualified graduates”.  

In response to the market demands Bond University has developed niche Bachelor and Masters-level programs that will equip graduates with specific knowledge in the area of revenue management to enhance their career outcomes. “There are no other programs like these in Australia,” Professor Roberts said.
Key differentiating factors:

•    Highly-specialised programs focusing on revenue management (addressing specific market demand for hotel revenue managers, enhancing graduate employment prospects)
•    Students obtain a specific Hotel and Resort Management degree (not a business degree with Hotel and Resort Management subjects)
•    As a major tourist destination, the Gold Coast is an ideal location to study hotel management, gain work experience and establish industry contacts
•    Mandatory work requirement (undergraduate programs) and internship options enhance graduate employability
•    Quality and reputation of Bond and BTSD Faculty, plus usual Bond benefits of small classes, 2 year program
•    Programs involve lectures and tutorials, as well field trips to Marriott hotels, work experience and guest lectures from industry professionals.

Program offerings are as follows:

Undergraduate: 2 years full-time (6 semesters*)
Bachelor of International Hotel and Resort Management
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Postgraduate: 1 year full-time (3 semesters*)
Master of International Hotel and Resort Management
Master of Tourism Management

*Bond University has a three semester-per-year schedule that allows students to fast-track their studies. For more info on Bond University, click here.

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